Scorched Earth

by Sinister Purpose

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Johnn Harbringer
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Johnn Harbringer Raw, down n' dirty, home-brewed punk from Richmond, VA. No apologies. No fucking around. The real deal. I'll be following them with great interest. Favorite track: Choke.
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released June 6, 2016

Music by Sinister Purpose

Recorded at the Slave Pit in Richmond, VA
Mixed at The Lab Sound Studio
Mastered Richmond, VA



all rights reserved


Sinister Purpose Richmond, Virginia

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Track Name: Rot
rottin' away, beneath the streets,
against those iron bars and layers of concrete,
no sense of time, lost to the scheme,
bit off my tongue now to feed the need,

snake in the grass, binding my lungs,
sink in your fangs and swallow me whole,
my mind is blank, my body's numb,
snake in the grass,
once you're bitten you'll become overridden by fear of the sum,

despite all attempts for a new compromise,
we know that we'll find ourselves back here again,

in a pool of sweat, I've got nothin' else left,
but a wish that someone would suck out the poison,

my mind is blank, and my body's numb,
snake in the grass,
this time is different, this ain't no fun,
pulse is skippin' like the drums,
won't stop slippin' down the slope,
who's the victim when we're done,
I think my time is up
Track Name: Scorched Earth
wipe that dumb look off of your face, you knew this day was comin',
all that time you spent fanning the flames, what'd you think would happen,
didn't think I saw you with the torch, well guess again,
your being 'round is more trouble than it's worth,'cause soon you'll be burnin'

Sparks are shootin' from your head again,
primed to ignite everything in your sight,
feel the heat as you're blinded by the light,
scorch the earth out of spite,
flames are burnin' due to your persistence,
melt away our skin all for a laugh,
embers flaring all over this house,
you built a pyre to burn us down,

'cause baby you're a fire hazard,
a hothead with nothin' to lose,

purified by the fire or just another burnt out symptom of a twisted regime,
step forward then fall back,
left to smolder, reverted mass

clouds of smoke descend upon your head,
to fill you lungs with the sins of your past,
embrace the warmth from your mountain of ash,
It's the only thing that's gonna last
Track Name: Choke
I got a date with death, don't tell me to cope,
livin' in a petri dish under a broken microscope,

your words in my mouth,
ground to a jagged edge,
spin it around and 'round,
and throw it back in my face,

ha ha the jokes on me,
for ever believin' in you,

remember that grave you dug, to bury all your problems in,
they've come back with a lust for blood, and won't stop 'til they've sucked you dry,

ha ha the jokes on you,
because you whole life is through,

let's cut the bullshit, you're 'bout to choke,
don't think you realize where you're about to go,
don't wanna leave you hangin' but you've got enough rope,
no future, and no hope,
bow to the creature, don't bungle the approach,
no mercy, a sick joke,
I see you leaning but I hope you don't fall,

well laugh it up, it's a fleeting moment for us
Track Name: God Forbid
pull some strings, come save the day,
god forbid something doesn't go your way,
rewrite the past, transcribe a fake,
reuse those answers they always seem to take,
it's not your fault is what they think,
when they see you swingin' your rusted mace,
I hate this place, I hate this place,

indecision, no ambition,
don't even try,
no attention, double vision,
rulin' your life

don't pretend to avert your eyes,
I know your mission, I know your style,
line 'em up in single file,
then cut 'em down with a crooked smile,
every chance you ever had,
new situation to raise white flags,
I don't care, I don't care

no ambition, indecision,
cloudin' your mind,
another self-servin' opinion,
don't waste my time,

I don't think you bothered to even escape,
yeah it's such a shame don't try to say I didn't warn you,
fuck everything, everyday is just the same,
split the difference and take it back,
tell me what you really think,

maybe I'm gonna make it,
I can't make it,
I'm too jaded,
I'm out of faith
Track Name: The Game
it's not fair, it ain't square,
I've seen this set up come together before,
just another way to put me down,
pretend it's all in the game, just the turn of a phrase,
whatever happens to come to your mind,
it's just fine, keep readin' lines,
whatever helps you sleep at night,

but you tried to shoot me again in the back,
but that's not your problem i'm know you can't help yourself from solving your problems with lead,
I'm tired of ducking my head,
bend 'til i break to meet every command,
don't try to pull wool over my eyes,
I know what you're tryin', no i'm not buyin'

can hold us down if you please, but you'll regret it, take it from me,
can't see the forest for the trees, is that why it comes easily?
I'm done putting up with your senseless approach to us all,
when tables have turned we'll see how hard you fall
Track Name: The Keep
treading water in the sewers again,
surrounded by the shit we'll never quite slip anyway,
fallin' headfirst into a pit,
fill the void, cover the split,
nothin's ever gonna make a difference, yeah
we're doomed to suffer at your discretion,
squeeze my heart and just leave it in fits,
need a transfusion, remove the cysts,
just make me whole again,

I'm sick of this feeling, I'm sick of this life,
I'm sick of refraining, I'm sick of your lies,
this isn't a living and I won't subscribe,
I'm tired of waiting and I'm gonna fight back,

It's not a matter of opinion,
pull the plug before we go in too deep,
just look around now baby,
we've been tryin' to make our way up stream,
and don't mind their existence,
let 'em wallow in the darkness of the keep,
dumped in the river through an outlet,
pull the curtain on every last dream